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Toy Collection Dispersal Auction

An Auction Listing with an eclectic assortment of good quality toys. A collector with no specific theme accumulated a few dozen toys now wishing them to be "SoldOutright at Auction"

​Various Items within this Auction Dispersal Package would be of interest to other Toy Collectors, Vintage Collectors, Resellers, Toy Stores or those simply wanting a variety of toys to add to their eclectic collection.

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An Auction Listing with an eclectic assortment of good quality toys. A collector with no specific theme accumulated a few dozen toys now wishing them to be "SoldOutright at Auction"

John Deere Highly Detailed "MT" Gas Tractor 1:16 Replica 1
City Cruiser Collection Chrysler Crossfire 1/32 Die-Cast Functional Door 1
City Cruiser Collection Chrysler 300C 1/34 Hemi Engine Die-Cast 1
Yamaha Lil'Xtreme 1:32 Die Cast with Plastic 1
Action City Gift Pack No. 18372  Metal with Plastic Parts 1
John Deere Monster Treads Truck 1
John Deere Monster Treads Tractor 1
John Deere Model "B" Tractor 1/64 Die-Cast Medal 1
John Deere 8020 Tractor 1/64 Die-Cast Metal 1
New Ray Country Life Tractor 1:32 Die-Cast 1
City Cruiser Collection Nissan 350Z 1/32 Die Cast Functional Door 1
City Cruiser Collection 1998 Pontiac Firebird 1/32 Die-Cast Functional Door 1
Vintage Road Maintainer 1
John Deere 4010 Tractor 1/64 Die-Cast Metal 1
Home Hardware Freightliner Cab with Trailor 1/64 Die Cast Metal 3
John Deere1957 Chevy Stakebed with Load Limited Edition 1
?Red & White Gravel Truck - Made in Japan 1
?Bro Billy Raling Race Car #21
?Camper Trailor - Made in Hong Kong 1
Remco Toys1986 Gravel Truck - Made in Korea 1
International Budweiser "King of Beers" Truck 1
Mattel Disney - Pixar Tow Mater (Small) 1
Schylling-RowleyPacific Express 1730 Locomotive 1
Rhino Race Series Lanard Racing Flip Lash 1
Home Hardware 2003 GMC T-Series tilt Cab Truck Coin Ban 1/32 Scale1
Home Hardware1955 Chevrolet 3100 Pickup 1/18 Die Cast Metal 1
John DeereTractor Die-Cast Metal 1
John DeereGP Reo Tractor Die Cast Metal 1
Tonka Yellow Station Wagon 1
Tonka Big 5 Die-Cast Collection 1
Tonka Green & Yellow Half Ton Truck 1
Tonka Orange Jeep with Roll Bars 1
Tonka Orange 2 -Seated Convertible 1
Tonka Red Volkswagon #52680 1
Tonka Red Jeep with White Canopy Roof 1
Tonka Winnebago? Motor Home 1
Spin Master Ltd2011 Disney  / Pixar Blue Car 1
MonogramExotic Car Series - Lotus Esprit Turbo Model Kit1
John Deere1937 Model "L" with Hercules Engine & One-Bottom Plow 1
John Deere 8520 Tractor includes Removable Dual Wheels & Loader 1
Case Highly Detailed DC-3 Gas Tractor 1:16 Scale 1
John Deere 1937 Model "62" with L-14 One Row Cultivator 1
Bobcat S185 Skid-Steer Loader 1:25 Die  Cast 1
Tonka Air Rescue Plane 1
?Black Dune Buggy with Roll Over Bars 1
Ertl Replica Ford 1913 Model T Van Bank 1
Tonka Yellow Front End Loader 1
Tonka Orange Front End Loader 1
Mattel Disney - Pixar Cars 2 - Tow Mater 1
Thinkway Toys Disney - Pixar - Talking Tow Mater Bank 1
Speed King Fast Furious - Hot Bodies Roadster - Power Racing Car Van 1
John Deere Monster Treads Vehicle 2 Pack with Oscilating Suspension 1
Home Hardware Liberty Classics 1939 Chevy Pickup 1
Real Toy Action City Gift Pack Push 'N' Go (3) 1
John DeereSilo Set (5) 1
SuzukiLil'Xtreme 1:32 Die Cast with Plastic 1
Home Hardware 2001 Peterbilt 385 Delivery Truck Die-Cast Metal 1
Home Hardware1978 Dodge Warlock Pickup 1/18 Die-Cast Metal 1
Motormax Assortment of Cars & Animals 1
Origin Products Ltd.2003 Polly Pockets ? Convertible 1
Mattel 2001 Polly Pockets Convertible Trunk Lid Missing 1
SpecCast International Harvester Farmall 504 Gas Tractor 1
Home Hardware 2001 Peterbilt 385 Delivery Truck Die-Cast Metal 1
John Deere Model "B" Tractor 1/64 Die-Cast Medal 1
ErtlFarmall 450 1/64 Die-Cast Metal 1
Mattel 2000 Cargo Carrier - Hot Wheels 1
? Red Gravel Truck - Giant Seven1
69 Items in all within this package. SoldOutright makes every effort to be as accurate as possible with photo's and script, however, occasionally errors in detail or omissions of descriptions may be missed. All items are sold in as is condition. Should there be any questions please contact us 1 204 740 0439 or via email
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