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True Antiques are generally considered 100 years or older.

That puts anything made, manufactured or created in any way prior to 1919 as a True Antique.

In Canada there are a good number of items that were produced prior to 1919, however, most were items that came from the United Kingdom or any other Country that Canadian Immigration came from, Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Poland are examples. Items that came with immigration at that time at that time were few due to the end of the First World War. Folks had very little to bring with them to Canada.

However, over the past 100 years there have been many folks travelling throughout the world and items that are 200 years old are not uncommon.

At SoldOutright, our Mobile App is published in the United Kingdom, United States of America and Canada.

Our "Market Reach" and client base to sell true, quality antiques is substantial. We focus on the potential buyer.

The Four Coins shown in the header are called Cart Wheels from England. They were made in 1797, a True Antique!!!

Sold in Canada in 2018!

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