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Idle Assets

1. Will it ever be the right time to sell the growing inventory in the back room, out buildings or storage yard?  

2. Real Assets that once had real value often become inventory you don't want to discusss, don't want to look at and don't want to touch.  Unfortunately, in many businesses and even homes for that matter, are creating an ever growing inventory liability and an increasing limited chance of cost recovery. 

3. In the opinion of your Accountant, Banker, or Estate Consultant, rather than being defined as an "Asset" to your business or home, is now likely defined as an "Idle Asset". Basically an Asset not used for Years.

4. In businesses the back room build-up of idle assets could include returns with damaged packaging, unused and unsold items with a dent or damaged in some way or simply discontinued and outdated goods. These continue a downward value slide to full depreciation.

5. Neglected unused inventory (stuff) that builds over time becomes a liability, the value in real money and usefulness declines proportionally and simply never increases in value. Ther comes a time to reduce the price and sell as soon as possible!

6. Mobile assets like rarely used vehicles, other equipment and tools, trailers, vacation homes, recreation items and unused electronics are all value recovery candidates...walk around your business, home or cottage, take a serious look. 

7. Idle Assets will never appreciate in value!

8. The longer we wait for a solution, Idle Assets will soon become a Major Liability! Our recommendation is to Act Now!!

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