Marketing Real Estate! Selling by Auction!


Historically Auction Means Action & That Statement; Has not changed for centuries!!

Consider These Comparisons

The Auction Method focuses on your property, your schedule, your sale alone, your property simply becomes the center of attention.

The Real Estate Buyer Market is saturated speaking about your property only.

The Buyer or Buyers adapt to your schedule and timeline to sell. The Word Auction promotes urgency & buying.

Auction and Accelerated Auction Marketing and Total Focus of your property realizes the true market value at the time of the final bid.

The Auction Method eliminates the pricing guess work, usual listing value discussion and problem of negotiating in reverse.

Terms and conditions are set well before the day and time of auction, potential buyers are fully aware their responsibility when bidding.

Any and all firm offers prior to action they are presented to the owner. This owner option, of pre-sale, must be visible in all marketing materials allowing all interested parties and bidders equal options and opportunity.

At Auction when the Hammer Falls the property is Sold!

By Comparison:

The Conventional Method of Real Estate Sales has a wait and see component.

The Conventional Method Price Reduction Tools are used. Listiing the property high and reduce until it sells.

Limited upside potential unless a very aggressive market.

Puts the Seller in a less than advantageous position to negotaite the terms of sale, most sellers are unfamiliar with this process and emotionally unprepared to deal with a very stressful decision for or against an offer that may be much less than predicted.

In Average Real Estate Markets, Multiple Offers are Rare.  

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Almost 70% of Real Estate in Austrailia is Sold by Competitive Bidding at Auction...

The Accelerated Marketing & Selling focus is on your Home and Your Home Alone!!

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