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Customer Importance...Satisfaction & Resolution


Customer Importance to SoldOutright?

Simply Put! No Customers? No Business?

Connectivity & Solutions Driven Options are the key components in the world of marketing and customer relationships today! It is absolutely critical in an incredibly fast moving business environment to attract, offer, sell, deliver and satisfy, every time. Then Repeat, Repeat, Repeat every day! Customer Retention and Satisfaction should be "Top of Mind" at every opportunity. Keep your customers coming back with prompt response to their questions and inquiries, providing leading edge marketing and selling strategy, and, most of all in todays world to compete, Leading Edge Easy to Use Technology That Meets or Exceeds Todays Expectations.

Addressing Customer Needs!

"Incredibly Difficult" to say the least.

Some days its much like looking into a crystal ball. Customer needs and expectations dramatically change with each demographic group of buyers. Responding to expectations of each can be much different within each demographic group. Especially, Province to Province, Country to Country. Buying habits on the West Coast in both Canada and USA for example are much different than in the Prairie Provinces. The movement toward reuse, repurpose, minimize and recycle is growing exponentially in heavily populated areas. Our customers at the moment are generally looking for items "New of Nearly New", "Functional", "Useful and Clean", "Unique", "Rare and Highly Collectible", "Appraised" and "Items that should be Appraised".

Customer Service Priority!! 

"Staff Training"

Current associates within our organization are well schooled in current and ongoing customer expectations. is associated with Professional Organizations that provide training in all facets of Customer Service and Business Discipline. Eg: Canadian Personal Property Appraisal Group, Toronto, Ontario, Supply Chain Management Association of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, World Wide College of Auctioneering, Mason City, Iowa, USA, National Auctioneer Association, Overland Park, Kansas, USA that represents Auction Professionals within the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia and several other countries World Wide.

Customer Satisfaction!!

"Taking Time to Explain" 

Clearly describing terms and conditions and the buying and selling process before it starts!! Customer dissatisfaction, both buying or selling, can come to the surface in many different forms within the Auction, Appraisal and Direct Selling Industry. At SoldOutright we take extra effort to clearly describe our methods, especially careful, not to create false expectations for our clients. From a seller perspective, listing an item for an asking price well above potential market and selling well below the asking price or reducing the price creates seller dissatisfaction.  From a buyer perspective, misunderstanding of product description, product functionality, terms and conditions of the sale are the foremost issues leading to customer dissatisfaction. On the selling side, performance expectations in regard to selling timelines of products on behalf of clients are usually tempered with caution. As a result, at SoldOutright, we attempt to minimize customer dissatisfaction with full disclosure both buying and selling, not creating unrealistic expectations.


SoldOutright Goal:

"Achieving Solutions Driven Results"

"While Maximizing Positive Customer Experience & Satisfaction" 

Welcome to the New and Improved

We hope you enjoy the new look and feel. We ask you to take a stroll through the site and then try our new mobile auction software on the website or by “Downloading our Mobile App” onto your phone or tablet. We are confident our new website and bidding platforms will be easy to navigate and use. We thank you for visiting our website and look forward to hearing from you or doing business with you as a consigner or buyer in the near future. Please contact us at your convenience.

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