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Elkhorn Manitoba Canada R0M 0N0

Don't Miss August 3-4, 2019 Racing Action -

The Famous Manitoba Chuck Wagon Races





Elks Club Elkhorn Manitoba Canada R0M 0N0



Historical Virtual Tour of Previous Years -

Racing Action - Chariot & Chuckwagon Races

An Elkhorn, Manitoba "Traditional Event"!!!

Western Weekend in Elkhorn Manitoba Canada

Thanks to the Elks Club #381 of Elkhorn.

Drivers & Riders coming for miles to join the Competition & Comradery.

And, This Race Above is coming down the home stretch!!

Getting the Sound System Up and Running!! Year 2004??

At SoldOutright we have captured a few photo's over the years

Since 2003-4 Actually!

We would like to share them with you!

We look forward to seeing you at the Racing Action August 3-4, 2019!!! 

Test Test - 1-2-3   and, there coming down the home stretch!!!

And, Here They Come, it will be a tight finish!!!

Taking the Lead -

and, the race heads to the finish line!!!

Driving with incredible emotion!!!

The Winning Spirit!!

The Finish Line!!

Kind of Bunched Up - VeryTight Race!!!

Now Folks, This is Action!!!

And, This is Volleyball! In Years Past there was a little sport as well!

Game On!!!

Back to Racing - In the Starting Gate!

bj's Swan River Manitoba Entry

"ROTO ROOTER" Advertising!

Getting ready to run!!

Photo possibly 2003 or 2004

And, Here we go!!! Hang On Big Guy!!

The Race is On!!!

Getting Ready to Race!!! A Sunday Stroll!!

The Home Stretch crossing the Finish Line!!

This Team is in Full Speed!!

Keep your head down & keep moving. It is a close finish!!

And, we are off in a cloud of dust!!! Hang On!!

Anyone know this Driver???

We are right behind you...keep moving!!!

What is all the fuss?? Where is Kendra-K? We need some music!!

And here they come down to the finish line...they are moving!!

Hey Pal, Are they racing? Lots to eat and nothing to do..

No way you would catch me in one of those races!!!

Main Street Manitoba!!!


Main Street Elkhorn Manitoba Canada R0M 0N0


Maybe we should have a touch up before the races?? Maybe a Bud Light?

Is that the Bar Keeper? Yep, Cool Dude!!!

Ok, I am ready, Back to the Races!!!

Making The Turn 2003 or 2004

The Outrider! 2003 or 2004

Race Time!!

Ready for Action

Ready for the turn! 2003 or 2004

These Guys have been Racing for a few years!!!

Ready for the Turn

Got something in my eye!!

I will be ready to Race!!! 2003 or 2004

Lots of coming and going!

Ready to Rock!!

The Line up, Ready for the Race!!

We are ready!!

I can handle those guys!!

We are here to Race!! Lets get going!!

Serious, This is Serious!!

Hang on to your hat!!

Parade of the Racers!!

Like the Color of that Wagon.

Track Looks Good! Ready to Play!!

Nothing to this!! We are Ready!! 2003 or 2004

Feeling Good!

And there off!! How's the View??

Opp's, just turning around!!

 Ready To Race!

Now we are rocking!! 2003 or 2004

Inside Track! Out of the Gate!

Coming through!

They are moving!!

Watch the the Guy on Inside Track ...

That Driver has been around the track a few times!! 2003-2004

Now this is a race!

Off the Ground!

Tough Ride!!

They are leaning into the curve!!!

This is what you call "Racing"!!

Lost my Hat!!

Dusty Ride!

Close Quarters!! Tight to the Rail!

We are moving!!

Now this is a Race!!!

Doing Ok!

Lipton Hotel Entry

The finish line ... Photo finish??

Out of the Gate!!

This is going to be a squeaker for one of these teams!!

Thank You for joining our Western Weekend Virtual Tour at SoldOutright!

We can guarantee the Upcoming Western Weekend in Elkhorn will be exciting!!

Elks Club #381 - Elkhorn Manitoba Canada R0M 0N0

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