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Success Stories

At SoldOutright we have been in the selling business for well over 35 years.

We are relatively new to “The Auction Method of Selling”, but “Not New” to negotiating, formal appraisal, consulting and selling. 

Our team has come into contact with most every industry, entity and product in some fashion.

We have either been a part of, directly involved or acting in a consulting role for many successful sale or purchase agreements for our clients. 

Thank You for joining us at Sold Outright

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Real Estate Not Moving

Why did I not make a move sooner??

We have been waiting for our home to sell for almost thirteen months. The only showings we have had with our home seem to be with people looking for comparisons and not serious buyers. We clean the home and prepare for showing over and over again. A lot of work, with No results! We have already committed to a new home in another city subject to the sale of ours and that option is soon to be expiring. We will lose that home! It is in the area we want to live! We want to be relocated for the new School Year! It may not happen! We did not hear about selling by Auction until recently.

Unfortunately, we just sat on our hands and waited!