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Antiques, Really? What Truly Identifies “An Antique”?

December 1, 2010 (3) 563

Antiques, Really? What Truly Identifies "An Antique"

"Antiques",  as a word, is a descriptive word used often in conversation about "old stuff".

Often, when downsizing, something that has been in a family for years is easily described as an antique.

Today, in Canada, it can be said that any item that can be proven to be at least 100 years old or older can be identified as an antique.

However, in many cultures and countries around the world, items that are 100 years old are often still used day to day...antiques in those countries are usually 1000 years old or older...there is no clear definition that I am aware of at time of writing.

Travelling, trading and visiting in some of the historical countries on this planet, we quickly realize how young we are in Canada.

Many of our most cherished items are memories for the most part and not considered antiques.

Downsizing can be a challenge and heartbreaking for folks that have had items in their possession for two or more generations.

Quality vintage or proven antiques, items in original condition, no chips, no damage, identified manufacturer with markings or documents are items of incredible interest for the "Minimalists".

The "Minimalist" in the coming generations will seek out these products and functional items. These items do not need to match a complete set!!

Quality "vintage" items and occasional "antique" items that have no manufacturing call backs or contamination or product issues, no chips, no dicolorations are in great demand.

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Vintage Automobiles The Baby Boomer Fantasy

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Vintage Automobiles! The Baby Boomer Fantasy!! The Music, The Ride, The Style!!

Since the Invention of the Automobile and throughout the Past Century there has always been a dream of owning

the latest, the longest, the lowest, most powerful, two door hardtop, readily identified vehicle on the road with white wall tires. 

"The Ride with Wow Factor!!!" "Did You See That Car?"

These Vehicles & Memories of the Past are quickly becoming "Idle Assets"!!

The Generations to come simply do not have the interest in the motor vehicle transition from its early beginning.

Thats where we come in at Sold Outright.  High Quality Premium Vehicles will have a Buyer!!

The SoldOutright App is published in the USA, UK and Canada...

SoldOutright Accelerated Auction Marketing with "Buy Now" "Make an Offer" Features along with our Auction Platform gives extra opportunity to sell these amazing vehicles when there is a need to do so...

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The Future of Commerce? Sourcing? From Where? Marketing? Selling? To Whom? How?

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Sourcing Strategies? Strategic Buying? Creative Marketing? Technology?

Selling? To Whom? MoneyTransfer? Staff? and, How does this come together?

These are the leading questions for most small companies and manufacturers?

What to Expect in the next ten years? How to Deal with the Change?

Who makes the product and from where will it come?

What to Expect in the next ten years? How to Deal with the Change?

The entire world is changing at such a dramatic and extrordinary pace!

Population Shift from the Post WW II Baby Boomers to the Millennial Cultural Mix and beyond is becoming the primary focus of every business.

Who will my customer be, what will they want, how will I get their purchase to them, what will be our return policy and most of all, what will I do with those "Idle Assets" that build up...

Thats where companies like Sold Outright come into play.

The Question in every business today, including Amazon, eBay and others .... what comes next?

The challenge is well beyond most imaginations! 

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