Kraft Kitchens “What’s Cooking” Vintage Cook Books


Cooking Today During COVID

by Sherryl Reid January 19, 2021

Cooking is the art of preparing food for our dining pleasure using heat. Across the world, cooking techniques and preferred ingredients differ from country to country according to culture and economic conditions.

With COVID-19 lockdowns everywhere, many of us have had our lifestyles changed.  Going to dine-in restaurants is practically impossible and pick-up of "fast food" is not always convenient or easy.  Due to a shortage of certain products, even grocery store purchases are becoming more expensive.

With more workers working from home,  less sports events and family or friends social activities virtually curtailed, many have taken advantage of the time at home to learn new recipes that are economical and easy to make. 

Kraft Kitchens "What's Cooking" booklets are a great resource for meal ideas, easy food prep and product details.  You can find a wide variety of delicious, easy Kraft food recipes and cooking tips for all seasons.  

Check out our large collection of Vintage Kraft Kitchens "What's Cooking" recipe books on our "SoldOutright Shopify Store.  These booklets are from the 1990's and forward.  Good recipes never go bad.

Cook Books - Kraft Kitchens "What's Cooking" - 2008 - Fall Issue – Sold Outright (