Marketing Real Estate! Selling by Auction!

Accelerated Auction Marketing

At we bring a incredible history of successful marketing activity and professionalism into our offering to our clients across Canada and parts of USA and UK.

We are “Not New to Selling”, we are just new to the addition of “Selling via the Auction Method”. 

Over the past 35 years, our firm boasts an incredible success rate winning several sales awards, acknowledgements and noteworthy achievements.

With our past experience we feel the addition of the Auction Method of Buying and Selling is an effectivet method staying in tune in todays market.

The Auction Method of selling is an age old, well recognized, way to exchange product between buyer and seller, as it has been throughout history.

Our professional staff and industry connections are accomplished Executives, Auctioneers, Business Specialists and our support organization is comprised of a steadfast and accomplished marketing department, top notch bid assistants, and an above reproach reputation for quality.

We do not wait for buyers to come to us. Our organization is committed to accelerated marketing of your property. We aggressively go to them, wherever they may be located.

We extend every effort to make your Real Estate Auction Selling or Buying Experience a tremendous success, delivering the results to both buyer and seller.

Thank you for joining us at Sold Outright. For more information call 204 740 0439 or email