"Direct Sale" Commission Rates - Consignor - Terms and Conditions

 "Contracted" Consignor of Personal Property for Direct Sale Commission 


1. - Commission of  20% for lots selling $3,001 or more plus additional buyer premium of 12%.

        Example Direct Sale of $5000.00 + 12% Buyer Premium = $600 - Total Sale $5600 x 20% = $1,120.00 Commission Payable

2. - Commission of 25% for lots selling $1001 to $3000 plus addional buyer premium of 12%.

        Example Direct Sale of $3000.00 + 12% Buyer Premium = $360 - Total Sale $3360 X 25% = $840.00 Commission Payable

3. - Commission of 32% for lots selling $1000/Under plus additional buyer premium of 12%.

        Example Direct Sale of $1000.00 + 12% Buyer Premium = $120 - Total Sale $1,120 x 32% = $358.40 Commission Payable

4. Applicable Taxes would be calculated on the total sale, due and payable in all cases in addition to the total sale.

"Definition of Reserve Selling Price" 

Offers will be considered, however, an undisclosed reserve is lowest price the property could be sold.

The reserve selling price is the confidential price agreed upon between the Owner (seller) and Sold Outright (consignor) as the direct selling agent.

The selling price of a reserved item will not be sold lower than the agreed reserve price, unless approved in writing by the owner of the goods.

"Reserve/Marketing/Advertising Costs" -  Owners of items, vehicles, farm implements or Real Estate with an agreed Reserve/Firm Selling Price may be charged a additional Direct Marketing/Advertising Fee of up to 10% of the reserve price with a minimum advertising marketing fee charge of $250 on any reserved item: fees payable in advance.

"Groundwork/Preliminaries/Preparation Fees" - In addition to any Reserve/ Marketing/ Costs/Fees, taking and editing photo's, product research, preparation and publishing would be added in addition to the minimum fee schedule above, plus applicable taxes payable in advance.

Costs of storage, handling,  cleaning, repair, shipping costs, returning costs and any other incidental costs are payable by the consignor in advance or deducted from any potential final payment or prior to the return of the item if the personal property did not sell.

Direct Sale Commission rates & fees are occasionally reviewed and subject to change without notice.

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